Swim Rx

Swimming pool clarifier clear cloudy pools.jpg

  • This product will give you cleaner, clearer pool water; Swim Rx helps contaminants in the water coagulate together so they collect in your filter. 
  • Reduce or eliminated harmful disinfection by products such as trihalomethane (chloroform) and Trichloramine (organic combined chlorine)
  • Swim Rx will help keep your filter cleaner, and extend its life by preventing nasty contaminant and oil buildup that impedes your filters performance.
  • Lower chance of developing a cloudy pool due to better filtration, because the sand will be more effective by removing more contaminants and particles.
  • Indoor pools will experience improved swimmer performance with better water quality, safer and healthier pool area for employees and guests, and reduced chances of swimmers developing asthma.

Technical Pool Solutions Swim Rx is designed to make all the contaminants in your pool coagulate, or stick together, making it much easier for your filter to trap and remove them from your pool water. This unique process ensures that you will be able to maintain a much safer, healthier, and more clear pool that your guests, and swim teams alike will be thankful for.

 This product makes the rest of the pool chemicals much more efficient by reducing or eliminating disinfection byproducts (DBPs) such as combined chlorine, trichloramine, and trihalomethane (chloroform). Exposure to these DBPs irritates your skin, eyes and lungs. They also can cause dizziness and headaches, fatigue, and with prolonged exposure are thought to be a possible cause for asthma and cancer. Along with all of these effects of DBPs, they reduce the overall amount of oxygen in the air above the water, which impedes the muscles’ ability to perform. The two DBPs that are most harmful to your health are trichloramine, and trihalomethane.