Hot Tub System Cleaner

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Keep your running better than ever with Technical Pool Solutions Hot Tub System Cleaner!

One of the biggest and most overlooked problems in hot tub care is the buildup of matter in plumbing lines. Chlorine and bromine sanitize the water but cannot penetrate the matter that is forming inside the plumbing. Dangerous pathogens form almost immediately upon filling the spa. This product opens the pores in these contaminants, allowing the sanitizer to penetrate them.  

  1. Remove the cartridge from your filter, or set your system to recirculate. 
  2. Add 8 ounces per 1,000 gallons to your spa, prior to draining. 
  3. Let this product circulate for 3 hours. (The longer you let this product circulate, the more matter will be removed.)
  4. Drain and clean hot tub surface with a non-faomaing household cleaner.

Commercial hot tubs should use this at least once per month. Residential spas should use this product with every drain and refill. (No more than 3 months between drains.)